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Special Operations Racing is a proud members of Beat The Heat Racing, Inc. Beat the Heat, Inc. is a non-profit organization comprised of Police Officers and Firefighters who conduct educational programs using marked emergency vehicle drag cars to gain the interest of the public.
Visit the Beat the Heat, Inc. home page at: www.beattheheatinc.org

During the week, Kenny King is the school resource officer, but on the weekends, you’ll find the police officer at the local car show talking to teenagers about race cars and safe driving.

King is a member of the group Beat The Heat, Inc., a national non-profit organization of police officers and firefighters who use drag racing cars marked as emergency vehicles to draw public awareness to safety issues.

One day when he stopped a 16-year-old driver, King realized that he could talk about racing and get a good message across at the same time.

“He had just bought himself a Camaro, and I pulled him over after he was squealing his tires. I began talking to him, and I invited him over to see my cars, and I introduced him to track racing at Tri-State Dragway in Ross Township,” King said. “A few years later, he was the first one to tell me that he’d never street race again.”

King has had his 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle fully built in 2012. The Chevelle’s doors have the word “POLICE” on the sides. The hood has a badge with the Policeman’s Prayer inscribed upon it. Each rear quarter panel reads, “In loving memory of those who gave all.”

King also has a 1969 Nova SS and a 1970 Nova that he is working on.

“One of the ways to reach out to kids, whether it was to talk to them about drag racing or safe driving and things like that, was to have a common interest with them. And with his car, King does that,”

“They like talking about race cars, and he’s able to talk with them, and he uses that as a positive tool to promote safety.”

King spends his free time doing the maintenance and upkeep to the car. There is no cost incurred by the police force.

“If I can reach them on the track, that’s a lot better than finding them racing on the street,” King said.





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